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Kitchen Renovations

We oversee every step of the process, from design to installation of cabinetry and countertops to transform the heart of your home.

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We take care of every aspect of your custom kitchen renovation.

As one of the most popular home renovation projects, kitchen remodels can significantly increase the functionality and value of your home. Our team of experts works closely with you to create customized kitchen designs that meet your unique needs. We offer a wide range of services including updating appliances, installing new cabinets and countertops, adding a kitchen island, and more.

We also provide our clients with detailed project timelines and fixed pricing to ensure peace of mind and a smooth, stress-free renovation experience. With years of experience, we have established a reputation for high-quality work and exceptional customer service.

Why Work With RenoBrothers?

Removal and Disposal

We’ll throw out your old stuff.

3D Drawings

We’ll help you visualize.

Always on Site

We aren’t just general contractors. We do the work.

Plumbing & Lighting Supplied

Save a trip to the store.

Fully Covered

Liability and Worksafe BC Coverage

Recent Kitchen Renovations

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When you are dealing with RenoBrothers you are dealing personally with either Garrett, Robin or Olivier and we are committed to your satisfaction.

    Custom Cabinetry & More

    We’ve been building kitchens and bathrooms from scratch for years. While we’re on-site you will often find us installing new cabinets doors, putting in new appliances, modifying cabinets, installing toilets, replacing undercabinet lighting or doing a tile backsplash. Again, our goal is to make your project simple, we take care of every detail so you don’t have to.

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    Our Trusted Brands

    Got Questions? We’ve got Answers!

    Why do you need to know where my main water shutoff is?

    Whenever we are working with your plumbing, even if it’s just changing a faucet we want to know where we can shutoff the water. Often, older valves for your fixtures that haven’t been operated for many years don’t close properly, or leak once they’ve been closed. To replace those valves is no problem but we need to know where the main shutoff is so we can safely do the work!

    What brands do you recommend for plumbing fixtures?

    Anything of a good quality! When it comes to kitchens often we lean towards Kindred, Blanco and Delta. On bathroom projects Toto, Delta, and Riobel are brands you should take a look at. You can often see all of these brands in one place at local plumbing showrooms like Splashes and The Ensuite.

    I’m nervous about the demolition part of my project. How do you do it?

    We understand (especially if you watch a lot of DIY TV shows) that you might be nervous about the demolition of your space. We would rather refer to it as removal. You’ll never see us with a sledgehammer to take out your cabinets or toilet. You should be comfortable with the work in your home. We remove everything by disassembling and uninstalling items to keep the mess to a minimum and protect the rest of your home.

    Do you do the work yourselves?

    We do 90% of the work ourselves and are always onsite to supervise when we need a licensed plumber, electrician or other trade. This helps us keep your project on time and ensure your absolute satisfaction!

    Can I supply my own appliances?

    If we’re doing a kitchen renovation for you, you are more than welcome to supply your appliances if you’ve found a great deal. However, before you order anything we ask that you provide us with the models so we can verify the installation details for a perfect fit in your space. We often send our customers appliance shopping at Trail Appliances. When they are ready at Trail’s warehouse we will pick them up so they arrive exactly when we (and you) need them.

    RenoBrothers Projects Bathroom renovations


    We are skilled at custom bathroom renovations to bring your vision to life.


    From removal to installation, we’re your one-stop shop for quartz countertops.